Then gray...
The skies were blue.
I'm Kirsten. I'm 18. I'll talk to anyone, just show me a good time. I love skater boys & girls. Music is my life. I'm not always as happy as I seem but I try and make the best out of things. You're mistakes should never define you. If you don't mess up when you're younger, you'll have nothing to talk about when you're older. Nobody's perfect. But anyway, If you ever need to talk, no matter what, I'm here. No one should be alone <3

I don’t think I’ve ever had a guy care for me the way he does…..

I just broke his fucking heart… I don’t know if I can follow through with this. :(

"Even though I really miss you…I’m going to try to stop doing that. Because I need to move on and feel better. I want to be happy with my life without you in it. I’ll probably miss you forever; but I need to stop."
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"when i cry it’s still over you, and i hate that"
- 1:43 
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I hate when people ask me “Why don’t you just text him and find out what’s going on?”

I don’t need him to tell me he doesn’t care anymore. I already know.

- Midnight thoughts (i don’t want to hear you say it)

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"I don’t love him, but he’s here and you aren’t."
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